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Product Introduction
We supply high quality recharging lithium ion batteries. Please contact us if you need anything. We will customize the product specifications according to your requirements.
Product Description:
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Product Usage:
1.Electric transportation vehicles: electric bike, electric car, e-scooter,
2.Light:  headlamp, emergency light, sloar flashlight, searchlight, LED light, military
flashlight, lanten,bicycle light,high-end flashlight, high power flashlight, bright flashlight.
3.Outdoor sports products: camping light, solor emergency light, mountain bike light, self-defense flashlight,
4.Medical devices, electric bike, electric car etc.
5.Instruments and meters: water meter, gas meter.
1.High energy density
2.High working voltage for single battery cells.
4.Long cycle life
5.No memory effect
6.Capacity,resistance,Voltage,platform time consistency is good.
7.Factory price&High quality
8.Good consistency.low self discharge.
9.Light weight,small size
10.7.With short-circuit production function.safe and reliable.
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Shipping & Packaging:
The Standard Export Packaging  Just choose the Payment you like  Various of Transportation MethodElectric Bike Battery manufacturers
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