Solar Panel Roof Mount manufacturers

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Solar roof hook
Solar roof hook H1-1 a Non-adjustable Spanish tile roof hook, made up by hook base and arm.
The hook base plate and the arm is connected by weld. The material of this solar panel roof mount hook is Stainless steel 304. The slot on the arm is 10mm X 46mm and the holes on the base plate is 7.5mmx37mm.
Tile hookTile hook & Flashing plate
Install the Tile hookInstall the flashing plate
Cover with tile
Transportation service:
CY Solar provides all trade terms, FOB, CIF, DAP and even DDP to simplify customers'work.
After-sales service:
CY Solar promises quick feedback in 24 hours after getting email. And installation manual provided, and even engineers go to site conduction if possible.

1.Q: What size of screws will be used for this tile roof hook?
A: #14 or 5/16"
2.Q: What is the max uplift and pressure of this hook?
A: The max uplift is and the max pressure isSolar Panel Roof Mount manufacturers
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