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NOVA 31MM (1.22″) MINI SPIGOT JAWS (SKU 6026 AND 71109)
NOVA 6026 Mini Spigot Accessories Jaw Set is an accessory for NOVA chucks designed to expand the range and capacity of your standard NOVA chuck to meet the needs of specific projects and applications. The universal version is suitable for any NOVA chuck for maximum flexibility and cost savings, as different NOVA chucks do not require duplicate attachments. This squat suit has a long nose that provides a very powerful casing grip for small jobs, such as a lace bobbin. Wood-steering dovetail profiles are designed for maximum strength and wood rotation without breaking wood fibers.These jaws will remain in a contracted and expanded mode. Comes with 4 squats and instructions. Use the standard fasteners included with the NOVA chuck.

• Longer jaws allow for very powerful faucet clamping for smaller jobs such as lace spools.
• These special 25mm extension jaws are designed to extend into the pre-drilled hole like the imaging needle holder. This is a particularly useful retention method for bowls with free-form edges.
• A big advantage over pin chucks is that you don't have to drill to the exact size - any size between the minimum and maximum expansion is fine.
• The longer jaw length allows for a very powerful socket clamp for smaller jobs such as lace spools (up to 6 inches in length) and delicate flower pots.
• The jaws also have a dovetail for mounting small bowls (up to 6″ in diameter).
• Made from K1045 steel for maximum structural strength.
• The standard Woodworm Screw (included with NOVA chucks) can be used with these jaws.
• Only the NOVA chuck provides you with the same jaw fastening system and the same insert/adapter system for all standard chuck models, giving you the best flexibility. All of the jaws in the standard chuck range will fit all of the standard NOVA chucks. NOVA Infinity Quick Change requires optional accessory Upgrade Kit or Retro Fit Kit to attach standard NOVA accessories. However, due to sizing, some jaws, are not recommended for use on all NOVA chucks. See manual for recommendations.
• NOVA chucks are specially designed so the jaws cut into the wood, grip firmly in the contraction mode and provide high tear out strength.

24.9mm (.98”) – 45mm (1.77”)
Square: 31mm (1.22”) – 9.9mm (.39”)
Spigot: 30mm (1.18”) – 7.9mm (.31”)
Actual sizes may vary depending on which NOVA chuck is being used.
WEIGHT: 1 Lbs / 453 gramsNova Chuck Accessories factory
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