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bi-directional Ductile Iron Knife Gate Valves is Bi-directional soft seated . The body is ductile iron semi lug design. Seats are available in EPDM, NBR, Viton, Cr ,to suit a variety of applications.  
Manual valves have stem protection tube
Gearbox included on DN400 and above
Gate Protection device included on air actuated and Hydraulic actuated valves
Seats: EPDM/NBR/HNBR/Viton/Cr
Actuation:hand wheel/Bevel Gear/Air Cylinder/Hydraulic Cylinder/Electric actuator
Technical date
Size Range:DN50-DN1000
Pressure Class:Max PN10 dependant on valve size
lugged to suit :EN1092 /ASME B16.5/AS4087/JIS
Guanli Valve is well-known as one of the largest bi-directional ductile iron knife gate valves manufacturers and suppliers in China. We have been focused on various valves since 1992 and owned good reputation. Please rest assured to buy the quality valves in stock from our factory.knife gate valve in stock
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