Skiving And Burnishing Machine

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Our factory
Dezhou Guanlu Precision Machinery Co.,Ltd is founded in 2011,its main business is manufacturing: gun drilling machine,deep hole drilling machine,BTA deep hole drilling machine,deep hole skiving burnishing machines,deep hole honing machines and toolings.
Our factory had about 50 workers,10technical engineers,15000square meters workshop.
Our Product
Gundrilling machines,gun drilling machines,BTA deep hole drilling machines,deep hole drilling machines,deep hole skiving burnishing machines,deep hole honing machines and toolings,
Product Application
Oil field industry,mould industry,medical industry,car industry,aviation industry,texitile industry,food industry
Our Certificate
CE of TUV,ISO9000
Production Equipment
Lathes,milling machine,EDM cutting machine,vertical milling center,grinding machine and so on
Production Market
Our machines has been sold to the following countries: France,Russia,Serbia,Singapore,Chile,Peru,Agentina,Mexcio,Venezuela,Bolivia,Algeria,Ecuador,South Africa,Egypt,Indonesia,India,Pillippines,Iran,Iraq,Jordan,Spain,Malaysia,Sri Lanka,Bangladesh,Ethiopia,Ukrain,Austrilia,Newsland,Canada, Pakistan,Uzbiekstan,Turkey,UAE,Korea,Japan and so on.
Our service
Before sale:
1.Once receive enquiry,reply the enquiry within 5 hours.
2.Offer best solution to customers.
3.Answer all doubts for customers,provide photos,videos of the machine.
1.Update ordered machines manufacturing stage.
2.Follow and strictly control the machine quality
3.Inform customer come to inspect the machine and arrange the visit.
4.Booking vessel and arrange shipment.
After sale service:
1.Inform customer the vessel EAD.
2.Send all documents to customer and arranging visit of our engineers for installation and training.
Keep in touch with customer and trace the machine working status.Skiving And Burnishing Machine
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