High quality Mini Roll Baler

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Our History
Our company is formerly known as Weifang Anguo Casting Factory, established in 1996, produced mainly the agricultural equipment for Foton and Lovol. From 2006 to 2017, we passed the ISO9001 quality system certification by ZJQC every year. 20 years of experience of mechanical development and production guarantee strongly the quality of production. Since 2012, our company independently developed and produced 850 series round baler, rice chopper and other products
Our Factory
Weifang Guoan Engineering Machinery Co., Ltd., founded in 2006, is a comprehensive technology company integrating scientific research, production, sales and services; we possess the fixed assets of more than 80 millions, and 230 employees including 23 senior research engineer. The aboundant capital and strong R&D provide the power to the sustainable development of the company.

Our Product
We have serious mini round baler 850/870/870F/1070/1070F/1090/1090F
Bale Size
Pickup Width700mm800mm950mm950mm
Working Speed2-5km/h2-5km/h3-8km/h3-8km/h
Capacity Bales/hour80-12080-12080-12080-120
Bale Weight15-25kg20-30kg25-35kg30-45kg
Tire Size16x6.5-8-4PR16x6.5-8-4PR16x6.5-8-4PR16x6.5-8-4PR
Package Size115*115*116cm115*130*115cm130*138*120cm140*157*135cm
Working Size115*130*120cm131*146*138cm131*167*156cm157*167*170cm
Force Feeding/870F have1070F   have1090F   have

Product Application
The straw pickup baler machine can automatically finish the pickup, bundling and put the bundle of  pasture, rice, wheat and corn straw, which is widely used in dry, green grass, rice, wheat, corn stove collection of tying.
Our Certificate
ISO 9001  CE

Production Equipment
We focus on product quality. We supply agricultural parts for FOTON and LOVOL about 20 years, FOTON and LOVOL are the biggest agricultural machine company in China. We good at casting with high quality, and all the baler parts are produced by ourselves except rubber, plastic, bearing, pump parts. We have a complete set of quality control system and we can completely control the quality of our baler.

Production Market
hey were exported to Russia, UK, Vietnam, Germany, Spain, South Africa, Serbia, Brazil, Columbia, Czech and many other countries, and received acclaim from our clients.
Our service
Pre-sales service:
1.We will fist check customer’s goods and goods size, then we will recommend suitable wrapping machine to 100% suitable.
2.We will recommend and offer machine according to customer’s use and purchase budget.
3.We will supply each manufacturing step photo for customer checking on time.
4.We will prepare packing and shipment according to customer’s needing in advance.
5.Testing the machine and making video for customer’s checking.
After-sale service:
1.We will guarantee the machine quality for 1 years.
2.We provide free training and answer customer's question on technology in time.High quality Mini Roll Baler
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