China Corrugated Plastic Tree Guards manufacturers

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سوال شده 17 تیر 1398 در جوانسازی و زیبایی پوست توسط fangdabaoy (300 امتیاز)
Customized Variety sizes of Semi- transparent color,  triangular  or quare corflute tree guard.complete with a unique tab system allowing the guard to be opened up,  laid flat for storage and re-used. With a high UV grade additive to ensure a long life for the application of tree guards in the harsh environment.
Materials:2mm-12mmpp hollow Board
light weight,rigid,strong,long-time durable,water proof,moisture resistance,excellent weather ability,chemical resistance,impact resistance,environmental friendly,recyclable,washable,non-toxic,anti-corrosion
• UV Stabilised Polypropylene.
• Easy Installation.
• Protects against Herbicides, Sandblasting Soil erosion and Vermin.
• Rigid sturdy construction.
• RE-useable and fully recyclable.
• Accelerates growth for faster and better yields.China Corrugated Plastic Tree Guards manufacturers
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