China PTFE Adhesive Tapes manufacturers

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Industrial Grade PTFE Adhesive Tape
Industrial Grade high temperature / heat resistant ptfe adhesive tapes have a medium coating of ptfe with high temperature pressure sensitive silicone adhesive. This high temperature / heat resistant ptfe tape can achieve cost effective performance in the manufacure of heat-sealing bags, release sheets, so our industrial grade high temperature tape has been widely used in some large volume industrial applications which is more sensitive to the price.
- Cost-efficiency and high performance
- Silicone adhesive system for superior adhesion to metal
- Operational and dimensionally stable from –100°F (-73° C) to +550°F (+288°C)
- Chemical resistant
- Releases cleanly from metal surfaces
- Separator sheets for processing uncured rubber
- Heat-sealing plastic film
- Plastic bag manufacturing
- Gaskets, seals and bearings for chemicals, oils and gases
- Processing paper, plastics, metallic foils and cloth
ModelStandard Width (mm)Before Adhesive Thickness (mm)Weight (g/m2)Adhesion (N/cm)
ZB7008 IND10000.07110 + 554.50
ZB7013 IND10000.11235 + 605.50
ZB7025 IND10000.22455 + 655.60China PTFE Adhesive Tapes manufacturers
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