Open Housing Slewing Drive for Aerial working platform

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S-2 series dual worm slewing drive
Our S-2 series slewing drive is composed of the open housing, slewing ring, 2 hourglass worms, and supporting components. It is driven by two electric or hydraulic motors to rotate. Owing to double tooth contact, this dual-worm slewing drive is able to produce nearly double output torque in comparison with the product with the same size and installation space. Also, the holding torque is increased accordingly. Due to this characteristic, this open housing slewing drive is widely used in the heavy load applications in the machinery field.
● This worm drive is designed with a universal installation structure, which facilitates replacement and maintenance.
● Driven by two worms at the same time, this gearbox has better performance than the single worm slew drives. It also shows better rigidity and double impact resistance.
● The flexible input hole form enables various gear or hydraulic motors to be connected.
Performance Parameters
Our S-2 Series Vertically Mounted slewing drive deliver performance parameters range from 12KN.m to 28KN.m of outer torque, 67.8 KNm to 271KN.m of overturning moment, 48KN.m to 158.3KN.m of holding torque, and gear ratios of 85:1 up to 150:1
The S-2 series slewing drive is widely used in the relative rotating parts in the machinery field.
1. Drive the drill rig to rotate in the horizontal and pitch directions
2. Control the rotation of the console of cable winding and unwinding machine
3. Rotation parts of excavator
S25-2Open Housing Slewing Drive for Aerial working platform
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